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Mandarin Oriental Dhara DheviCity, Charoenmuang420 $ incl. Special Rate
The Chedi Chiang MaiCity, Charoenprathet Road210 $ incl. recommend
RachamankhaCity Center, Rachamankha Road159 $ incl.
Sukantara Cascade ResortMae Rim148 $ incl. recommend
Veranda Chiangmai The High ResortHangdong, Baanpong141 $ incl. Special Rate
Lanna Accent Riverside VillaSaraphee, Riverside140 $ incl. recommend
Tamarind VillageCity, Ratchadamnern Road136 $ incl. recommend
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa ResortCity, Charoenrad Road130 $ incl.
The Granary ResortSan Pee Sua126 $ incl.
Puripunn the Baby Grand BoutiqueCity, Charoenmuang124 $ incl. Special Rate
Panviman Chiangmai Spa ResortMae Rim117 $ incl.
dusitD2 chiang maiCity, Chang Klan Road134 $ 
Jirung Health VillageMae Rim103 $ incl. recommend
Bann Tazala Boutique HotelCity, Charoenmuang102 $ incl. recommend
Ratilanna Riverside Spa ResortCity, Chang Klan Road99 $ incl. recommend
SirilannaCity Center, Rachapakinai Road96 $ incl.
Yaang Come VillageCity, Chang Klan Road93 $ incl. recommend
Angkhang Nature ResortDoi Angkhang, Fang90 $ incl.
The Amata Lanna ChiangmaiCity, Chang Klan Road88 $ incl.
At NimanCity, Nimanhemin Road88 $ incl.
Ayatana Hamlet & SpaSuthep Road88 $ incl. Free Night
Athitan VillasPadad87 $ incl.
Baan Saen Doi Resort & SpaChonlapratan Road87 $ incl. recommend
ButterflySan Pee Sua87 $ incl.
De NagaCity Center, Moonmuang Road87 $ incl.
Baan Canna Country ResortMae Rim84 $ incl.
Fern ParadiseSansai84 $ incl.
Bodhi SereneCity Center, Thapae Gate84 $ incl. Special Rate
Kantary HillsCity, Nimanhemin Road81 $ incl.
Ban Sabai Village Resort & SpaSan Pee Sua78 $ incl. recommend
Golden Cupids HotelSansai77 $ incl.
Manathai VillageCity, Thapae Soi 375 $ incl. Special Rate
Tri Yaan Na Ros Colonial HouseCity, Wualai Road73 $ incl.
U Chiang MaiCity Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.73 $ incl.
The Field VillageHangdong, Sanpakwan73 $ incl.
The Spa ResortMae Rim72 $ incl.
Proud Phu FahMae Rim70 $ incl. recommend
Rimping VillageCity, Wat Kate70 $ incl. Special Rate
Hmong Hilltribe LodgeMae Rim70 $ incl. recommend
Huen Come ResidenceChang Puek70 $ incl.
Arun Tara HotelCity, Chang Klan Road70 $ incl. Special Rate
Lanna Mantra RelaisPatan66 $ incl. recommend
Banthai VillageCity, Thapae Soi 363 $ incl. recommend
Baan NampingChonlapratan Road61 $ incl.
Royal Princess Chiang MaiCity, Chang Klan Road60 $ incl.
Duang ChampaCity Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.60 $ incl.
Baan Deva Montra Boutique Resort and SpaHangdong, Namphrae57 $ incl. Special Rate
Kaomai Lanna ResortSanpatong57 $ incl.
Aitsawarisa ResortCity, Nimanhemin Road56 $  Special Rate
Assaradevi Villa and SpaHangdong, Sanpakwan54 $ incl.
Belle Villa ResortHangdong, Baanpong54 $ incl. Special Rate
Taraburi Resort & SpaHangdong, Baanvan52 $ incl.
Baan SingkhamPatan52 $ incl. recommend
Shewe Wana Boutique Resort & SpaCity, Charoenmuang52 $ incl.
Sri-Ping ResortPadad52 $ incl.
Away Suansawan MaerimMae Rim52 $ incl. Special Rate
Dreamcatchers Bed & BreakfastSaraphee51 $ incl. recommend
Tianna Garden VillageSan Pee Sua49 $ incl.
Studio99 Serviced ApartmentCity, Thapae Soi 349 $  recommend
Imperial Mae Ping HotelCity, Sridonchai Road48 $ incl. recommend
Centara Duangtawan Hotel Chiang MaiCity, Loi Kho Road46 $ incl.
Horizon VillageDoi Saket46 $ incl.
The Grand NapatChang Puek45 $ incl.
Viewdoi Art and ResortSankampaeng42 $ incl.
Holiday InnCity, Riverside42 $ incl. Special Rate
Chiang Mai Plaza HotelCity, Sridonchai Road42 $ incl.
Karinthip VillageCity, Chang Moi Kao Road42 $ incl.
Marisa Resort & SpaChiang Dao40 $ incl.
Saimoonburi ResortNong Bua, Chaiprakarn39 $ incl.
Palm Springs Lodge & City ResortNong Hoi, Mahidol Road39 $ incl.
Phu Jaya Mini Resort & RestaurantHangdong, Baanpong39 $ incl. recommend
Amari Rincome HotelCity, Nimanhemin Road39 $  recommend
Mae-Sa ValleyMae Rim37 $ incl.
Suan Bua Hotel & ResortHangdong37 $ incl. recommend
Lanna ResortHangdong, Baanpong36 $ incl.
Raming Lodge Hotel & SpaCity, Loi Kho Road36 $ incl. recommend
Empress HotelCity, Chang Klan Road36 $ incl. recommend
Touch Star Resort InthanonJomthong (Inthanon)36 $ incl.
Fondcome Village ResortHangdong, Namphrae36 $ incl.
Maninarakorn HotelCity, Chang Klan Road36 $ incl. recommend
Amora Tapae HotelCity, Chaiyapoom Road36 $ incl. Special Rate
Yesterday the VillageCity, Nimanhemin Road36 $ incl.
Imperial Chiang Mai Resort SpaMae Rim36 $ incl. recommend
Krisdadoi ChiangmaiHangdong-Samoeng36 $ incl.
Na Thapae HotelCity, Thapae Soi 633 $ incl.
Green Lake ResortChang Puek31 $ incl.
Scorpion Tailed Boat VillageCity, Charoenrad Road31 $ incl.
Lanna Palace 2004 HotelCity, Chang Klan Road31 $ incl. recommend
Botanic ResortMae Rim31 $ incl.
Suriwongse HotelCity, Chang Klan Road31 $ incl. recommend
The Eurasia Chiangmai HotelCity, Charoenmuang30 $ incl. Special Rate
Navasoung ResortMae Chaem30 $ incl.
Doi Kham ResortMae Hia, near Night Safari28 $ incl. recommend
Eurana Boutique HotelCity Center, Moonmuang Road28 $ incl. Special Rate
Chiangmai Hills 2000 HotelHuay Kaew28 $ incl.
Noble PlaceAirport (nearby)28 $ incl.
Park HotelCity, Chang Klan Road28 $ incl.
At Pingnakorn HotelCity, Nimanhemin Road28 $ incl.
Down Town InnCity, Loi Kho Road27 $ incl.
Best Western Chiang Mai HotelChonlapratan Road27 $ incl.
Chiangmai Gate HotelCity, Suriwongse Road27 $ incl.
Tarin HotelChang Puek25 $ incl.
Royal Peninsula HotelCity, Assadathorn Road25 $ incl.
Sinthana ResortSuthep Road25 $ incl.
Star HotelCity, Loi Kho Road25 $ incl. recommend
Plumeria HomeCity, Chang Klan Road25 $ incl.
Portico 21 HotelCity, Kotchasarn Road25 $ incl.
Lotus Pang Suan Kaew HotelHuay Kaew25 $ incl. recommend
Bossotel InnCity, Railway Road25 $ incl.
Buri Gallery HouseCity, Ratchadamnern Road24 $ incl.
Royal Panerai HotelCity, Assadathorn Road22 $ incl.
Baan Gong KhamPatan21 $ incl.
Bulun Buri ResortHangdong, Baanpong21 $ incl.
Chateau Chiangmai Hotel & ApartmentAirport (nearby)21 $ incl.
Chiangmai Phucome HotelChonlapratan Road, Huay Kaew21 $ incl.
C.H HotelCity, Charoenprathet Road21 $ incl.
Winner Inn HotelCity, Sridonchai Road19 $ incl.
Montrara Happy House HotelCity, Chang Moi Kao Road19 $ incl.
The International HotelHuay Kaew18 $ incl.
Royal Orchid ParkChang Puek18 $ incl.
Oasis HotelCity, Charoenmuang18 $ 
Aomdoi ResortPhrao16 $ incl.
Airport ResidentAirport (nearby)15 $ 
S.K. HouseCity Center, Moonmuang Road12 $ 
Royal Guest HouseCity, Kotchasarn Road9 $ 
Rates for Chiangmai hotels are INCLUSIVE all taxes (10% service charge, 7% VAT)
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