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Art, History and Culture in Pattaya, Thailand

Author: Soophott Lert

Besides all of the night time fun and sandy beaches that comes included with your Pattaya vacation, there is also a lot of art that needs to be seen and history and culture that needs to be learned. Whenever you go to a new place, somewhere you have never been you do not want to be doing everyday things that you do at home, you want to be out and about, exploring and seeing new things. So maybe you should to look into the art scene in Pattaya. If you are looking for something along the lines of performing arts, then definitely stop by the Thai Alangkarn Theater in Pattaya. This theater is huge, and comfortably seats 2,000 people. The theater also offers a restaurant and shows are shown daily. There are also many galleries and art caf?s located in Pattaya, many performing art studios that should definitely be looked into.

Pattaya, before it was known for its vivid nightlife and exquisite beaches and attractions, it was nothing more than a small fishing village. It was then turned into a resort for incoming tourists in the late 1960's. Once it was established many service members from the United States military began to flock to Pattaya when they were in port. This became somewhat of a problem because prostitution became more prominent in the city. Since then Pattaya has cleaned up and has become more of a family vacation destination due to the fact that it offers activities for every member of the family.

As for culture in Pattaya, it is mainly geared toward the performing arts. There are many performing arts shows that you and your family can attend and really feel like you are part of Pattaya. If you are in Pattaya in April then check out the festival that is held every year at Pattaya Pier. You can see beauty pageants as well as musical performances and cultural shows! This will definitely give you a feel for what Thai culture is all about.

If you are looking for activities that you and your family can learn from, then stick to the culture events that Pattaya has to offer. Try to stop by some galleries and see the art displayed by artists from that city! Try to brush up on the history and the culture before you arrive in Pattaya, this way you might not feel like such an outsider and you will be able to understand the people that live there.

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