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PattayaArticle 10 ^_^ 17 Ways to Find Your Love in Pattaya, Thailand

                  I wrote about 50 ways to find love in Pattaya. The only problem I had was that at the moment I could only squeeze 33 ways out of my tired old brain. So, I started to think of all these other ways that you could find your love in Pattaya. So, here are some more ways to find your love in Pattaya.

             1. Polo. Yes, sports fans the international jet set fly themselves and their steeds from around the world to compete in a friendly game of Polo. Some people can afford to ride polo ponies and some people can afford to ride bare back.

             2. Remote controlled cars. This is new to Pattaya and looks like a lot of fun. There is an outdoors miniature track for remote controlled cars. So, start your engines and let the fun begin.

             3. Remote controlled boats. Can you imagine someone setting on their boat off shore in Pattaya bay and a boat 2 to 3 feet long passes them? I can imagine them thowing their bottle of beer overboard and rubbing their eyes in disbelief. You can buy small remote controlled boats for fun and pleasure.

             4. Bread. My love is bread. I love hot, fresh bread with butter. I love all kinds of bread. La Boulange the French Bakery holds the key to my heart.

             5. Thai Cuisine. My wife and 27 million Thai people love dining at Baan Chaiyapruek. People travel from Bangkok to dine at her restaurant because she is an internationally known chef and carries credentials from the King. She also has a cooking show on TV.

             6. French fine dining. Ok, Ok, So, Im not French but I lived there when I was a child and I became used to fine dining. I love fondue and it is available at Ma Maison and Au Bon Coin.

             7. Spanish food. I have not had the pleasure to taste the food yet, but I keep hearing about Cafe Ole. The ad in this paper offers a set menu for 160 Baht. I think Im being seduced.

             8. Steaks, BBQ Baby ribs. I love nibbling on ribs. Dont you? See the ad in this paper under Cafe New Orleans. Ps. Pecan pie.

             9. Italian food. I love Duilios. Their main menu is hard to beat and you will not believe how many varieties of pizzas they have to offer. I have also been seduced by the food at Simpatia Italian. Style, charm and grace.

             10. Dutch Food. Yes, there is a Dutch restaurant in Pattaya. It is at Pattaya Bazaar and it is called Eves Coffee Planet. You got to try this. You will be seduced and food is unique.

             11. Indian Food. I love the romance at Alibaba. My wife is so easily seduced by the atmosphere, the music, the food and wine. Its great for me.

             12. Swiss Food. The Swiss chef is equal to the French chef and two restaurants that my wife and I have tried and really, really liked are Restaurant Belge and the Rotisserie. Live a little and treat yourself to fine dining. Its so romantic.

             13. Great French food that anybody can afford. There is only one little French restaurant that is very high quality food and very low prices and that is yours at Le Cap Breton.

             14. Big Room Entertainment. For big room fun, excitement and entertainment with a thousand people and most of them are young and beautiful women you got to experience Tonys. There are 700 beautiful women in the complex every night. My wife likes to go there at mid-night when things begin to heat up and the party gets really started and everything starts to climax. Oh! Ya! Ya! Ya! Only, in Pattaya ya ya ya.

             15. Shopping. My wife and I lust for shopping. We window shop. We deserve a try-on. Did you know that you could get a face-lift in Pattaya by the best Doctors in the world and at Thai prices too? Did you know that you can afford to have costom made clothes and shoes make in Pattaya? Join the crowd and go shopping.

             16. Bars. I had to give up drinking or die but I still like to go to bars and Go Go clubs in Pattaya with my wife because they are good clean fun and entertainment. Maybe, just maybe, you can find love in a Pattaya bar. Sure. Right. Maybe not. Whos looking anyway?

             17. Penthouse hotel and the Kitten club. I saved the best for last. I cant write enough about this hotel or club because there is just too much to write about. This hotel and club has only the best in everything. They have thought of everything.

             I stayed there for 3 weeks in May 2001 and it changed my life for the better. Wow! What a great time I had at the Penthouse hotel. The food, the decor, the service, the Jacuzzi, the rooms, the grace and style are simply the best. And the prices are very reasonable too. And now sometime this week or next, they are going to open and underground swimming pool/bar with all kinds of swings and trapeze. I got a peek of the construction and you wont believe your eyes. There is nothing like this swimming pool/bar anywhere in the world. Go see it for yourself. Bring a friend.

             Also, penthousehotel of course. Simply the best. There will be a feature article when the swimming pool/bar has its grand opening.

             There are so many ways to find your love in Pattaya. Read The Best in Pattaya section in this paper and the other ads in this paper for a few more ways to find you love in Pattaya.

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