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The Unseen Picture of the Night Life of Pattaya

Author: Soophott Lert

Most of the travel destinations in Thailand are related to the natural resources, such as the beaches, the mountains, the caves and the historical sites, but there are many who have visited Thailand several times and realised that there are more and more interesting things to see in this fascinating country.

There is, for example, the city life or night life which is one of the most entertaining activities for both Thais and foreigners. When we talk about night life in Thailand, we usually think of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, which are major cities that already have a global reputation. However, let's look closer at the east coast region of Thailand where there is a province called "Chonburi" , where Pattaya city where you will find the city of Pattaya.

Unlike other smaller cities, Pattaya has the number of tourists which equal the major cities of Thailand. For example, Chiang Mai may have large number of tourists in the peak season or during the winter season, but for a city like Pattaya, travelers can visit all year round, and that's why the number of tourists traveling to Pattaya are as many as the major cities in Thailand.

The night life in Pattaya is endless. You will find that the people in Pattaya are always active and do their job irregardless of the time. Whether day or at night, there will always be things for the tourist to do.

Bars and night clubs in Pattaya are also very well attractive to visitors. There are fantastic shows, such as the Tiffany shows and the Thai boxing shows as well as the delicious Thai cuisine

This city located on the coast line and has become renowned for its seafood market. There are also several provinces in the eastern region such as Rayong, or Phuket in the south, where you can find the capital of the seafood markets. Everyone who visits Pattaya really appreciates the taste and the freshness of its sea foods.

As the city is considered to be a central hub for foreign tourists, great international foods are also available in many of the high class restaurants. For those of you who want to enjoy the night life in Pattaya combined with the pleasure of Thai and international cuisine, you have come to the right place!

Pattaya is also the idea place for romance. Couples who want privacy on beautiful islands in five stars resorts and hotels are located are able to enjoy their honeymoon. Families who want to join in their activities together will discover that there are all kinds of indoor games and outdoor activities to partake of, such as paintball and rock climbing.

In summary, Pattaya is a city, not only for night life, but also for all kinds of other activities. No matter whether you want relaxation, or privacy on the beach, or whether you are holidaying with your family looking for family activities or someone who loves to shop, Pattaya has it all.

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Article Source: - The Unseen Picture of the Night Life of Pattaya

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