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PattayaArticle 11 ^_^ Pattaya, Thailand A Golfers Paradise

                  Pattaya has long been known as the fitness and health resort of East Thailand. For fitness there are a wide range of world class golf courses within 40 Km. of the city. The quality is at top international standards and the health and fitness benefits of golf are numerous.

             Book a tour to play your favor course. Many courses offer rental clubs for those that forgot to bring them. As well many pubs around Pattaya have golf outing days. They meet early in the morning, have breakfast and travel together to the course by private van.

             Most of the courses around Pattaya have been designed to championship standards by the worlds top names in golf architecture: Laem Chabang by Jack Nicklaus; Sriracha International by Gary Player and Rayong Green Valley by peter Thompson and Michael Wolveridge; Natural Park Hill and Natural Park Resort by Ronald Fream.

             Playing in this delightful tropical climate all year round, the caddie lightens the load, and regular stops at the attractive watering holes encourage peak performance on the course. Afterwards the high standard of clubhouse facilities and services complete a memorable round of golf wherever you play. At every course you will be welcomed by friendly and courteous staff to remind you that you are in the Land of smiles and the Golf Paradise of the East.

             Most golf courses in the area welcome visitors seven days a week although several are closed one day a week for maintenance. Check with Thai-Ger Line Golf shop or the Pattaya Sports Club. Caddie fees are extra and cost around 200 Baht. A minimum 100 Baht tip is recommended for the caddie at the 19th hole. Almost all clubs have luxurious clubhouses where full facilities are available. Always telephone first in case of special events and to book at weekends. Courses generally allow groups of 5 weekdays and 4 balls weekends. Golf carts are compulsory at some of the courses.

             In all walks of Thai life it is considered bad manners to lose ones temper. This also applies on the course. Be cool, take it easy and enjoy good health and fitness.

             Please note that only soft spikes are permissible on all of the courses on the Eastern Seaboard. Also be sure to wear presentable attire if you plan to use the club house.

             It is no exaggeration to claim that hardly any other resort in the world can offer so many courses of such high standard at such reasonable prices.

             This information has been given to us by Thai-Ger Line Golf Shop on Soi Chaiyapoon. They offer a complete line of golf equipment, from clubs to tours.

             Now here is a tip. Year round there are also many golf competitions some that benefit local charities.

             Come join us in paradise for a round of golf. Live long and prosper

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