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Destination Guide for Pattaya, Thailand

Author: Soophott Lert

Once you arrive in Pattaya and you get all settled into your hotel room and what not, you are probably going to be looking for something fun to do, after all this is your vacation! There are a lot of activities and attractions for you to take advantage of in Pattaya. If you are looking to just lounge around in the sun and get the perfect tan then try checking out a couple of Pattaya's most popular beaches. Pattaya Beach is incredibly close to everything around you, from the beach you can easily walk to shopping centers, bars, and most likely your hotel. The nice thing about Pattaya Beach is you can even lounge well into the evening, with full service! Jomtien Beach is more family geared; this is where most families tend to flock on vacation as well as people who enjoy various water sports. You can water-ski, parasail, or even rent a small boat and take it out to the water! If you are interested in the water and marine life but not interested in getting too sandy or wet then definitely check out Underwater World! Underwater World is an aquarium full of marine life that is native to the Gulf of Thailand. You can see various species of sharks and stingrays and you can even view a live feeding right there at the aquarium!

Koh Larn is a tiny tropical island just off the coast of Pattaya Beach. It is so small that only about 1000 people reside on the actual island! If you are looking for something to completely fill up your day, then try taking a daytrip to the island of Koh Larn, and take a look at the various beaches the island has to offer with its glistening white sand and divine clear blue water! If you think you might be interested in this, then look into taking a ferry or signing up for a daytrip to the actual island and let loose!

When visitors come to Pattaya they are all looking for something different, something new that they have never experienced before. Pattaya offers a wide range of destinations that are absolutely to die for, beautiful beaches and marine life that many of us have never even seen before! If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, Thailand then take advantage of all it has to offer once you arrive there, it will definitely be a trip that you and your family will truly never be able to forget!

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