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Festivities and Events of Pattaya, Thailand

Author: Soophott Lert

If you are going to be traveling to Pattaya, Thailand anytime soon here are some events and festivities that you are sure to enjoy. Depending on what time of year you go depends on what festivities you can attend. Here are a few festivities and a short description on how they are celebrated.

Songkran and the Wan Lai Festival- Bring your swimming suit for this one!

On the days of 13-15th of April, people of the community come together for an outrageous event of celebrating the coming of the new year by the young dousing the elders hands with water (usually scented and always clean) in which the elders would then give them their blessings. Asking for forgiveness for bad deeds from the past years. Depending on which region you visit they all celebrate Songkran, but with slight differences. Some celebrate by bathing images of Buddha and preparing food for the monasteries and monks.

The Wan Lai (meaning flowing water day) Festival is a lot like Songkran, but it starts on the 16th and ends the 19th of April. They have religious activities, processions, showing their elders respect, and of course the throwing of water! Pattaya, Thailand is usually hot this time of year so it's an excellent way to cool off.

Pattaya Marathon - for competitors!

This event starts in July and features four different marathons. They have a full marathon, half-marathon, a quarter marathon, and a wheel chair marathon for those that are physically impaired, but still love to compete. It is an international event that attracts thousands from all over the world each year. They start this event early (usually 4-4:30am) because of the heat at that time of year. Despite the sweltering heat, spectators line the streets to cheer on their fellow competitors.

Chonburi Buffalo Races 'For one and all!

This event is centered around the water buffalo in the province of Chonburi in the month of October. The water buffalo are dressed in silk and satin then paraded around town to determine which one is the best decorated and healthiest animal. The races of the buffaloes are a spectacular site to behold. These huge beasts can run at amazing speeds for their massive size. There is also a beauty contest for the local young ladies and farm maidens as well. This is a popular event for both locals and tourist to enjoy.

So make sure to check these events out when you stay in Pattaya, Thailand. Not only are they are family friendly and entertaining, they are steeped in traditions and culture.

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